Why Choose Our Products?

Innovative R&D Engineering

● Years of experience in motor customization and integrated design;

● Accumulated many years of motor technology advantages and numerous application cases.

Intelligent high-volume manufacturing

● 4 sets of 80T automatic high-speed punching machines, 4 sets of rotor die-casting machines, and 8 sets of automatic lathes;

● 8 sets of automatic winding machines, and many sets of auxiliary equipment for motor manufacturing;

● Annual output of 10 million motors.

International quality management system

● Consider the rationality and convenience of the production process from the design stage;

● Adopt international quality management system to strictly manage production and quality.

Professional and experienced service team

● Set up a customer demand analysis team to quickly and professionally respond to customer needs;

● Professional sales engineers provide one-to-one one-stop customized services.